10 September 2010

Messages of the Universe

The Universe is definitely working it's magic!

So I was reading this random posting (originally posted over a month ago) from the Harvard Business Review, also commented in my last blog, and replied to a reader who was intrigued about my posting regarding Millennials.

Well the Millennial in me "Googled" who this person was. After reading a few blog posts he had I started to wonder, hey, this guy is definitely someone that I could learn from!

And then the magic:

The last blog posting I read from him leads me to Seth Godin and his posting about Passion and work! I love it! Check it out!

My favorite part "The future of labor isn't in less education, less OSHA and more power to the boss. The future of labor belongs to enlightened, passionate people on both sides of the plant, people who want to do work that matters."

BINGO. That's the key! Thanks Wes! Thanks Seth!

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